Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection

Paint Protection

It has never been more essential to protect the paintwork on your luxury car. Stone chips, swirl marks and the elements can all have a detrimental effect on the look and feel of your paintwork. Traditionally in these circumstances respraying the affected panel is the only option but this can be a costly and time-consuming process to get it right.

This is where the GVE PPF Studio comes in...

Paint Protection Film has now become the norm for luxury vehicles, but quality of film and installation can vary massively. By choosing GVE Detailing you are choosing a centre that prides itself on the quality of its work and the satisfaction of its customers, not the quantity of cars it can churn out in a week.

Why choose GVE Detailing?

Why choose GVE Detailing?

In our enclosed PPF Installation Studio we have achieved lighting levels of 1500 lux and in doing so we have set the industry standard for the type of environment within which PPF should be applied. A quality install will ensure dust does not creep in below the film, air bubbles are eradicated and the edges of the film are not visible. Our lighting setup helps us prevent any of these common problems and ensures our jobs are completed efficiently.

Designed and Cut In-House

Designed and Cut In-House

We design and cut patterns for hundreds of models of cars all in-house to ensure that the film fits perfectly around each panel. This negates the need to have to cut the film around each panel and ensures efficiency when carrying out the install. We have invested in the latest plotting machines and use advanced software to ensure we stay equipped with the latest patterns.

  • Only the Best Quality Film

    Only the Best Quality Film

  • 5yr Warranty Against Peeling and Yellowing

    5yr Warranty Against Peeling and Yellowing

  • Coverage from as Little as Your Bumper

    Coverage from as Little as Your Bumper

  • From £399 + VAT

    From £399 + VAT

Previous Projects

We have put together a portfolio of our previous work for our customers to view in the hope that seeing us in action will put your mind at rest and help you to realise that we're the best at what we do. Just simply click the play button!