Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

After you have had your car detailed you can protect the finish by opting for our Ceramic Coating package. When the specialised nano/ceramic coating is applied it forms a strong chemical bond with the car's paintwork creating a film like coating which adds 3 to 7 microns of protection whilst maintaining the highest possible level of gloss.

The layer of the composite then acts to provide protection from the following:

- Swirl marks
- Hazing
- Light scratches
- Harsh wash chemicals
- Bird droppings / Tree Sap / Tar / Hard water spots
- Heat and UV rays
- Interior soiling

Other Benefits

Other Benefits

- Once cured, the coating is harder than most OEM paint surfaces.
- Helps keep paintwork's gloss for longer.
- Makes it easier for you to clean your car yourself.

Surfaces protected:

Surfaces protected:

  • Paint


  • Glass


  • Steel


  • Rubber


  • Plastic


  • Tyres


  • Interior Plastics / Fabrics / Leather / Alcantara / Suede

    Interior Plastics / Fabrics / Leather / Alcantara / Suede

  • Paint Protection film

    Paint Protection film

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