Bentley Arnage RL


  • 0 to 60
  • Transmission
  • Mileage
  • Price
  • 01
    Bentley Umbrellas Stored in Luggage Compartment
    Cruise Control
    Front & Rear Park
  • 02
    EXTERIOR Details
      Duo Tone Paint
      18" 6 Spoke Alloy Wheels
      Twin Headlamps
  • 03
    INTERIOR Details
    • Heated & Electric Front & Rear Seats
      Deep Pile Carpet Overmats
      Parchment Instrument Panel
  • Full Service at 32,849 miles
    6.75L V8 Turbocharged Engine
    500 bhp
    Engine Details
  • Paint Protection Film
    Ceramic Coating
    Hydrophobic Coating
    Exhaust Upgrade
    upgrades available

Car Details



  • Duo Tone Paint
    Bur Walnut Veneer Door Trim Inserts & Fascia
    Veneered Waistrails
    Veneered Rear Picnic Tables
    2 Bentley Umbrellas Stored in Luggage Compartment
    Heated & Electric Seats in Front & Rear
    Front & Rear Parking Sensors
    18" 6 Spoke Alloy Wheels
    Deep Pile Carpet Overmats
    Leather Gear Selector
    Leather Steering Wheel with Veneer Inserts
    Twin Headlamps
    Parchment Instrument Panel
    Cruise Control
    Full Service at 32,849 Miles



Launched in 2001, the Arnage RL is the culmination of world-class coachbuilding that spans generations. It is a car that takes personalisation to a new level, where the vehicle is a canvas on which you can paint your vision.

With its extended wheelbase, 2 inches (50mm) to the front and 8 inches (200mm) to the rear compartment, the RL retains the classic Arnage profile whilst offering even more palatial comfort for the passengers. But make no mistake; this is a car to drive.

The turbocharged 6.75-litre V8 engine, harnessed by a highly engaging sixspeed automatic gearbox, makes this an experience impossible to miss. The Arnage RL gave its owners the opportunity to realise virtually anything imaginable - all designed and handcrafted by the most skilled automotive artisans in the world. These are people who understand not only the heritage of Bentley, but also the pleasures of luxury in a contemporary world.

From fashioners of burnished walnut and fine hides to the audio experts who can turn the interior of a Bentley into a concert hall, to specialists who can bring the cinema or television to the rear seat, the Bentley customisation experience is truly second to none on the Arnage RL.


Exterior Details

  • Duo Tone Paint Option
  • 18in 6 Spoke Alloy Wheels

Interior Details

  • Veneered Rear Picnic Tables
  • Bur Walnut Veneer Dashboard Fascia & Waistrails
  • Electric & Heated Seats in Front & Rear

Engine Details

  • 6.75L Bentley V8

Optional Upgrades