The BMW M6 GT3 is a big-winged beast of a race car

The BMW M6 GT3 is a big-winged beast of a race car

For the Frankfurt motor show, BMW finally let us see what was under that swirly camouflage dressing gown in which we saw the M6 GT3 parading around a few weeks ago.

And holy mother of big wings, it was worth the wait.

As of today, the low, wide and bewinged M6 GT3 takes over from the ageing Z4 GT3 as BMW’s customer GT racer.

So if you’ve got really good at Forza 6 and want to go racing for real, all you need is £264,000, a crash helmet, and a significant stash of bravery.

Built from a steel chassis, the M6 GT3 gets a welded FIA-approved safety cell, and carbon fibre crash structures at the front and back, just in case it turns out you’re not as good at racing in reality as you thought.

It retains the 4.4-litre M TwinPower turbo version of the V8 founded in the M5 and M6, zinged up a bit and with power fed through a transaxle sequential six-speed ‘box.

Regulations dictate the GT3 makes ‘only’ 577bhp in its most powerful state. So it’s slightly down on power when compared to a road-going ‘Competition’ packaged M6.

But what the racer has lost in power, it’s made up in aero and weight loss.