New Porsche Panamera long-wheelbase model to be part of expanded line-up

New Porsche Panamera long-wheelbase model to be part of expanded line-up

Long-wheelbase Porsche Panamera will join revamped saloon range a few months after launch

The Porsche Panamera family is to grow further in both senses of the word, with the sports saloon set to get a new long-wheelbase version as well as the upcoming Sport Turismo shooting brake-style model. The long-wheelbase car is built with China in mind, but we’ll also see a release in Europe.

Robert Kohr, manager of body engineering for the Panamera, told Auto Express that the new MSB modular platform that underpins the new Panamera is all set for the long-wheelbase version.

“It will come very soon, as it’s very important for markets like China,” he told us. “The platform is capable of supporting four wheelbases, with the Panamera and Panamera Long on the shortest two.”

Kohr pointed out that Porsche has no plans yet to use the two longer wheelbases, but it’s likely that we’ll see them in use on longer versions of the Audi A8 and other VW Group products, which also use MSB. The longer Panamera will get an extra 150mm on its wheelbase, increasing it from 2,950mm to 3,100mm to add extra rear legroom.

The LWB Panamera is likely to arrive at the end of this year featuring the same set of engines that we’ve already seen in the standard saloon: a V8 diesel, plus two petrols, a twin-turbo V6 and V8.

Plug-in hybrid models are coming soon as well, with the PDK gearbox in all models being compatible with the electric motor required - though it’s not likely to appear on the diesel model, as it’s considered unnecessary to have in the range.

There are no official details on the hybrid versions of the Panamera yet, aside from the fact that there are two electric models on the horizon - but hints from Porsche insiders that performance will be an important part of the design suggest that a powerful V8 hybrid is on the cards.