New Aston Martin DBX Concept

New Aston Martin DBX Concept

Aston shuns rumours of a 'proper' SUV with electric, all-wheel drive GT car to rival the Bentley Continental GT.

Aston Martin has today revealed a new luxury GT car concept at the Geneva Motor Show for the first time. Dubbed the DBX, it's the British firm's first attempt at an all-electric, all-wheel drive model that could lead to production. It's described as Aston's first "family friendly" and more "environmentally responsible" GT.

With its sights firmly set on the Bentley Continental GT, the DBX concept is a modern, distinctive twist on the traditional Aston Martin styling traits. The trademark wide grille remains, as does the svelte front profile, but the car is noticeably higher from the ground - demonstrating the firm's intentions for all-road capabilities. At the rear, two-tone buttresses adorn the sloping roofline, and the rear end sports familiar Aston LED lights.

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Details are scarce as yet, but we know the DBX concept sports a powerful electric motor in place of the firm's traditional V12 unit. Power is also sent to all four wheels for the first time on an Aston.

Despite the engineering underneath, Chairman Dr Palmer is quick to point out that this is "clearly not a production ready sports GT car" and instead previews what a luxury GT could look like for the firm in 10 years time.