McLaren P1 revealed in retro Gulf livery

McLaren P1 revealed in retro Gulf livery

One off Gulf-inspired P1 designed by McLaren Special Operations will go to super-rich Canadian businessman.

A super-rich Canadian businessman has commissioned McLaren Special Operations (MSO) to build him a one-off Gulf-inspired P1 hypercar.

Miles Nadal, CEO of MDC Partners – a highly profitable international advertising agency – has had the already exclusive McLaren P1 transformed by MSO. The Gulf-themed paint scheme uses the historic pale blue and orange colours throughout.

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At the front there’s a bright stripe and lined front splitter, while the subtle orange flashes continue down the side skirts. The huge retractable wing and rear section are also painted in the famous hue, as is the imposing rear diffuser. Even the brake callipers don’t escape the Gulf treatment, painted in the same shade of orange.

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Inside there’s a blue and orange centre stripe on the steering wheel, and each of the DRS and IPAS buttons feature the same colour scheme. The same is true of the switchgear on the centre console, while the intricately designed leather bucket seats also feature orange P1 logos.

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While McLaren doesn’t have the same historic associations with Gulf as brands like Porsche and Aston Martin, there have been liveried examples of both the F1 and 12C over the past two decades.

Unfortunately, due to the fact this P1 is a special one-off commission, we’d struggle to speculate on price. But with the standard car costing £866,000, you can expect this exclusive Gulf version to have set its owner back more than £1million.

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