Mansory has built a one-off, 720bhp Merc-AMG GT S

Mansory has built a one-off, 720bhp Merc-AMG GT S

Earlier this year, Mansory rolled out a very heavily modified Mercedes-AMG GT S for the Geneva Motor Show. Nothing surprising there, because a) it’s Mansory, and b) it’s a Mercedes-AMG GT S.

But this has been revealed today, and it is very surprising. It’s a further development of the Geneva show car, built as a one-off model for a client named only as ‘Bandar’. And as you can see, it has grown wing.

Literally, all the wing. Mansory tells us “the powerful rear wing alone is an impressive testament to the urge – and ability – to take corners at race speeds.”

The wing features an integrated diffuser - because downforce is the supercar world’s favourite currency - and matches that up to the wide, modified bodywork, including all carbon fibre parts painted in ruby red.

About that urge. The twin-turbo V8 has been treated to larger turbochargers, a stainless steel sport exhaust, a remapped ECU and the all-important sports air filter. The result is quite extraordinary: 720bhp, 0-62mph in 3.4s and a top speed of 205mph. Yep, quick.

There are new lightweight centre-lock 21in alloys, and, as you would expect, a fully customised interior with lots of aluminium and carbon inlays. Oh, and illuminated door sills.