Ferrari could make even more hardcore LaFerrari FXX K

Ferrari could make even more hardcore LaFerrari FXX K

An even more hardcore ‘Evoluzione’ version of the recently revealed Ferrari FXX K could be made, company officials have revealed, but it won’t be seen for a number of years.

Previously the company has upgraded its FXX and 599XX models with ‘Evoluzione’ packages to boost power and performance a few years after launch, but Ferrari test driver Marc Gené says any harder version of the FXX K would be difficult to develop.

"Right now, I think we cannot improve that car,” he told Autocar. “But no doubt something will come up. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens, but it won’t be in two years. Cars like this have a life cycle of around ten years."

However, it’s unlikely that any FXX K Evoluzione model would come with any more power than the standard car. “The XXK has 1021bhp," said Gené. "I cannot see cars of the future having more power than that. Now the focus will be on efficiency and then on power-to-weight ratio. Weight is critical.

“The future will be in weight reduction, in efficiency and also in handling. You can improve the handling with electronics, aerodynamics and set-up.”

“It will be like the 458 Speciale, which comes towards the end of the lifecycle. Then technology from that evolution will appear on the next model.”