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Porsche 918 Spyder Review

Posted by: David Rai 26/11/2014

TopGear award the Porsche 918 Spyder an overall verdict of 10/10:

What is it? Porsche’s answer to the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari. Only it’s more of a challenge to them, because the [...]


Hard-core LaFerrari XX spotted testing ahead of 2015 launch

Posted by: David Rai 24/11/2014

Ferrari’s new hard-core, track-only version of its LaFerrari supercar has been spotted testing ahead of a planned launch early next year.

Dubbed the XX, this model is likely to feature significant [...]


Flat out in the new 360bhp Audi RS3

Posted by: David Rai 22/11/2014

More Nürburgring spy shots of another new Audi?

Yes, but this one is worth getting a bit excited about. Look closely at the pictures above: those slightly flared arches, that squatter, [...]

Jag Race Car

Jaguar close to decision over F-type R coupe racing car

Posted by: David Rai 21/11/2014

Jaguar could get the green light to build an FIA GT3 race version of its F-type R coupé before Christmas.

The project is sufficiently advanced for Jaguar to have whittled the [...]


Ultra-luxurious Mercedes-Maybach S600 appears in LA

Posted by: David Rai

S-Class-based Mercedes-Maybach saloon will top the range – with a 530bhp V12 for the S600 model.

A new flagship model based on the S-Class and badged Mercedes-Maybach S600 has been unveiled [...]


Porsche reveals new Cayenne GTS in LA

Posted by: David Rai 20/11/2014

Porsche has upgraded its Cayenne SUV range with a revised version of the sporty GTS, which also introducing a new entry-level model.

The launch of the Cayenne GTS follows on from [...]


2015 Jaguar F-Type: Full Details

Posted by: David Rai 19/11/2014

Jaguar has announced details of a raft of additions to the F-Type range for Spring 2015, including a manual gearbox and better infotainment.

Jaguar is making its F-Type more appealing to [...]


Bentley Grand Convertible unveiled at 2014 LA motor show

Posted by: David Rai 18/11/2014

Bentley has lopped the top off the Mulsanne in this shapely decapitation called the Bentley GrandConvertible. It’s Crewe’s big news at the 2014 Los Angeles motor show, starting this week.

And [...]


Back from the dead: Maybach returns on LWB S-class

Posted by: David Rai 15/11/2014

Mercedes-Benz today announced the return of the Maybach badge to distinguish its new range-topping limousine.

I thought they’d axed the Maybach badge?

Daimler killed the controversial Maybach brand with an announcement in [...]


New Alfa Romeo 4C Quadrifoglio Verde spied testing

Posted by: David Rai 14/11/2014

Alfa’s 4C coupe and Spider get the Cloverleaf treatment, as the Italian firm prepares a faster, more aggressively styled range addition.

Alfa Romeo’s new 4C sports car has only been around [...]