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F-Type coupe

Jaguar announce Turbo F-type

Posted by: David Rai 30/01/2014

Jaguar announced today that they will be releasing a Turbocharged F-type in the near future, Possibly equipped with a 4 wheel drive system for all weather fun.

the “Hot fire” 4 [...]


Why do some Bentleys have “Continental” in there name?

Posted by: David Rai 29/01/2014

Back in the Roaring 1920’s when Bentley’s were still built in Cricklewood in North London, the “Continental” moniker was added to some choice Bentley models.

This was used to denote a [...]


Bentley SUV announced

Posted by: David Rai 22/01/2014
Earlier this Month Bentley announced that they will be moving forward with their SUV project. Creating a 4×4 Bentley to service the growing premium soft-roader market.

The SUV will line up [...]